Past and Present

I haven’t written anything of substance about politics in a long while. There have been a few Tweets, and I’ve re-Tweeted or shared other people’s Tweets that I like, but I have remained pretty much silent for quite some time. I wanted to give our President a chance to settle in.

I hadn’t planned on writing anything today, but I was listening to the original Broadway cast recording of Camelot this morning and things started falling into place.

Our Prez

I know that Camelot is closely tied to the John F. Kennedy presidency, but I also think it speaks to our current administration. I’ll warn you in advance that a new production of the show would need some minor re-writing to bring it up to date, and President Trump would have to play two roles, but other than that I think it could have a run.

Here is an updated cast list for my production:

  • King Arthur was Richard Burton, now Kellyanne Conway (in drag)
  • Queen Guinevere was Julie Andrews, now Donald Trump (in drag)
  • Sir Lancelot was Robert Goulet, now Anthony Scaramucci (The Mooch)
  • Mordred was Roddy McDowell, now also Donald Trump
  • Sir Dinadan was John Cullum, now Sean Spicer
  • Sir Lionel was Bruce Yarnell, now Stephen Bannon
  • Sir Sagramore was James E. Gannon, now Reince Priebus

Of course, this casting is done due to the songs that are sung. Let me give you a few examples. Oh, and if you don’t recall the lyrics to the songs, I advise you to find them now. Then imagine our modern day cast singing them.

  1. President Trump, as Guinevere, sings “The Simple Joys of Maidenhood.”
  2. The Mooch singing “C’est Moi.” Followed by
  3. President Trump singing “Then You May Take Me to the Fair” along with Stephen Bannon, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer.
  4. President Trump singing “The Lusty Month of May.”
  5. Kellyanne singing “How To Handle a Woman.” Remember that she is in drag.
  6. The Mooch singing to President Trump “If Ever I Would Leave You.”
  7. The President switches to his Mordred costume and sings “The Seven Deadly Virtues.”
  8. The President and Kellyanne duet on “What Do the Simple Folk Do?”
  9. The President, as Mordred, leads Jeff Sessions, Jared Kushner and the other knights in “Fie on Goodness!”

I think this works. What do you think?

One last thing. I suppose Ivanka could play Nimue and sing “Follow Me,” but that is such a beautiful song, I would hate to think of how she would do it. I leave that song to Marjorie Smith.


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